Leaders Must Be Persistent

There are several key “ingredients” that make up great leaders in the workplace.  One for certain is “persistence.”  Although it is an essential ingredient, it also can be a tough one to add each and every day at work.

We all go through times when we would like to take a back seat and go for the ride instead of being the driver.  As a work leader we need to be charged each day so we can inspire those with whom we work.  We need to generate the energy to be persistent.

All great things take time. Know this and share it often. You must persist no matter what challenges and changes come to the workplace. If you do, your team will stay by your side.

If you need some inspiration in persistence read “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. Who states it is small daily improvements that are the key to staggering long-term results. The key word is “daily.” If the leader of the team does not go the extra mile each day, do not expect the team to do so.

Brendon Burchard has a quote that I have to claim often, “The power plant does not have the energy it generates it.”




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