When Poor Service Is Delivered

Good Morning to you all!

I just returned from a business trip to Italy, my favorite country to visit.  Traveling, no matter how far, is an experience, one that has many lessons we can learn from and this trip was no different.

My take away from this trip was, if you can get away with not telling the truth or making an excuse about poor service, then do it.  This goes against my personal and work ethics.

Several times during our trip we had hotel personnel make excuses for the lack of service, or undelivered advertised benefits. All without an “I’m sorry, let me see if I can make it happen, or a please forgive us for this error.”

As a business owner, management personnel or employee you need to be able to deliver what you advertise and not only deliver, but go up and beyond for your customers.  It should not matter whether they will be return customers or not, great service should always be delivered.

If, something happens where less than what was advertised has to be delivered, then an honest explanation and apology need to be given.  We all can understand that things happen especially when someone is honest with us about the situation.  It is when poor service is delivered, no apology is given, and the expectation from the business is, “deal with it” that it is unacceptable and upsetting.

So, remember if you are in the customer service business and find yourself in a position where you cannot not deliver what is expected, have a back-up plan for your customer.  One that explains the situation and why you cannot do anything about it, then have an ace up your sleeve that you can pull out and deliver something unexpected that will show your customers that you do care about them.



3 thoughts on “When Poor Service Is Delivered

  1. Oh dear. What a shame! There’s nothing hard about customer service – just treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. But there’s a huge gap between “should do” and “do do”. It reminds me of the restaurants that get waterfront sites. They seem to thing the view will be enough and often the food is absolutely dreadful. I just don’t understand how you can be proud of what you do and who you are when you are taking shortcuts like these. And they don’t even make sense. They never did, but with the advent of social media and online reviews now I can prove to the owners that it doesn’t make business sense. And yet here we are…..Better for the rest of us though, it makes it easier to stand out.

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