How To Improve Your Relationships

I was watching a video this week of Brendon Burchard’s and he was talking about the importance of scoring the roles you play every week if you want to become a higher performing person.

I found this very interesting because I do evaluate my day and week but I have never given myself a score on how I did. It makes sense to do this because how else would you ever know if you were getting better?

Rating the roles we play can change our relationships tremendously, just think about it. If your roles are a parent, a sister, a daughter, a leader, and an office manager, ask how you did each week in each of these roles on a scale of 1-10. Scoring a one would be you were terrible, and 10 amazing.

Then ask yourself, “What would I like to score in this role?” “What could I do this coming week to get closer to that desired score?” Plan to track your ratings over the next several months and I am sure by doing so you will see improvement in all of the roles you play and relationships that you have.

Being aware of how we are now and what we need to improve is a needle mover!





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