Small Changes Can Cause Big Upsets

Today, I heard one of my coworkers struggling with putting a form inside an envelope and asked him what the problem was.  He said that the window on the front of the envelope was different from usual and that when he folded the form to go inside the address didn’t fit in the window so you could see it.

Apparently, they are not making the envelopes that we have been purchasing for the past several years the same way even though the order number was the same.  He gave a grunt, and stated that now he would need to fold all of the forms he had differently because he already had folded them like he normally would.  Then after he figured out how to fold the form properly for this new envelope he went to seal it and these new envelopes were not self-sealing like the old ones and he had to moisten the flap to close it.  He was not very happy about this change.

This may sound silly, but even simple changes in the way that we have been doing things can be upsetting.  Now to set this story straight, he was not really upset, like mad, he was just surprised that something had changed and he was not prepared for it, (yes as simple as an envelope) he was caught off guard and was not told in advance about this change.

As he was struggling to refold the forms we talked about how amazing it is that we are these creatures of habit, and change even in simple habits, can make a big difference.  We all laughed about it and said that it would make good blog material.  The sad thing is that there are some people who these simple changes, that we have no control over, can be very, very upsetting to.  To the point that they are outraged and become out of control.

It is amazing how we humans get so set in our ways and allow simple things that really do not make a difference (like changing how we fold a form) to make a difference and cause frustration and to be discontented with our job, when we can, if we want to, let it roll off our shoulders and move along.

I am all for moving along……


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