Holiday Tips For Less Stress

How did the Holiday Season sneak up on us so quickly this year?  With only 12 shopping days left until Christmas Eve I have found myself more behind in planning this year than any prior year, what happened?

I have not purchased one gift yet!  As I reflected on this I realized I have been pretty busy the past several months and time just slipped away from me.  Since I cannot turn back the clock there is nothing I can do about having only 12 days left to shop.

I began to get a little overwhelmed last night when it dawned on me how close the Holidays are and today we are going on a wonderful outing with our office to celebrate the season together.

I made the decision that I am going to have to lighten up, kick back and enjoy every moment of these next few weeks.  Most Holidays I am so busy in the kitchen I just hear everyone else having fun (which makes me happy), but by the time I am done cleaning up everyone has left and I miss out.

This year to make the Holiday Season more meaningful I am going to adopt these five rules:

1. I am not going to be a perfectionist this year, time doesn’t allow for it and it makes life pretty stressful for me and those who are around me.

2. I will not go overboard, more is not better.  Simple can be wonderful.

3. Share the workload, I will ask for help from those around me as it really is nice to work together making a wonderful dinner and cleaning up.  I will make sure that I also get to join in the festivities.

4. Do not bring work home with me and only do what I need to in off hours when it will not interfere with celebration time.

5. Focus on what matters, my family and friends, and when I am with them do not allow myself to become distracted with things that can wait.  Life is so short and this Holiday Season cannot be repeated, it will be different next year and no one knows what tomorrow will bring.  I will enjoy today, be attentive to those around me, and make wonderful memories.

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

10 Tips for Less Stress at the Holidays

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