The Comfort Zone

I have this quote above my kitchen sink so I can see it several times a day.

It serves as a reminder to me that I can choose to take each day living in my comfort zone or I can choose to move forward into challenging, and sometimes scary, uncertain, paths of my goals and dreams to see what the future really holds for me.

Often, we back away from moving into the “uncharted waters” of our goals and dreams because of the fear that we may fail to reach them.

Tony Robbins said “There is no such thing as failure. There are only results.”  It may be a different result than what you thought, but it is a result of making a move in the direction you wanted to go.

Realizing it is not failure, but just a different result is such an exciting way to look at taking chances.  I wish I would have learned this lesson in my youth, but I am so glad I know it now.

My wish for you today it to take that chance, get out of your comfort zone and see what great things are in store for you!


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