What Matters Most?

In talking with small business owners and office managers I find they often struggle with employee issues that get in the way of production.  I know when we work with people we will always have people issues, that is just a given.  What I have found is many times these business owners or managers continue to have the same issues come up because they are never really resolved.

In getting to the heart of most of these problems it is the fact that they have failed to show their employees that they matter.  That they matter to the business, the business owner and the manager.

Tell me who wants to go to work and put in a good days effort for nothing but a paycheck?  Studies have shown that most people in the workforce do not.  They want to do work that is meaningful and to know that they make a difference.

If you are having employee problems you might want to think about if your people know how much they matter to you and the business as a whole.  Tell them and tell them often and you will see a difference.

“Treat employees like they make a difference and they will” ~Jim Goodnight

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