Conflict Can Equal Progress In The Workplace

Conflict is bound to happen at work, but there are advantages of it.

Without it, nothing would change.  If you are dissatisfied with how a system works and someone else thinks it is okay, if there were no conflict in opinion there would not be a chance to improve the system and create a positive change.

Here are three advantages to conflict:

  1. Conflict can help us grow.  We learn about what others like or do not like and we can develop different ways to do and look at situations.
  2. Conflict makes life more interesting. How boring would life be if we all thought the same way?  When someone at work disagrees with you on how to do something or thinks they have a better way, which can be interesting.  When everyone in the group always agrees on everything, how much fun is that? (It is boring).
  3. Conflict strengthens relationships.  Working through disagreements and coming out on the better side draws people closer.  Their respect for each other strengthens and they know they can withstand disagreements.  They also know that next time they have a conflict, they have history to draw on to get through the conflict easier.

Conflict is a natural part of working together as humans, and working through conflict will make our relationships better.  By understanding this, conflict does not seem as bad as we always think it is.

How do you handle conflict in your workplace?

Five Keys To Dealing With Workplace Conflict

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