Are You A Giver?

I just re-read a great little book that left me inspired to continue to be a giver.  What is a giver?  I guess it depends on who you are, what it is that you do and if you have the desire to do it at a higher level. The book is called “The Go-Giver” there is a link below for more information.

This book is a parable about how we can make a difference in those that we work with and those that we serve each day.  It causes you to answer questions like, “Does what you do add value to others?”  This book is full of powerful little statements that make you think about how you live your life.

One of the statements that spoke to my business sense was, “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than what you take in payment.”  Wow, if that doesn’t make you think about how you run your business I’m not sure what will.

If you want to be uplifted and inspired in a wonderfully positive way I suggest you read this little book and it’s companion books.

Have a great Tuesday!

The Go-Giver

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