Do You Want To Be Happy?

We hear and read a lot about being more compassionate toward others these days.  Compassion is something that can be learned, but only if you want to become a more compassionate person.

A great place to begin practicing compassion would be at work.  We encounter different people and situations that can challenge us at work and if we want we can use these situations as compassion builders.

One definition of compassion in the workplace is the desire to promote a person’s flourishing, growth, and development.  I really like this definition because it spells out how simple it can be to be compassionate to our coworkers.

Another simple way to develop your compassion at work is to practice the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  In each situation stop just for a second and think, “What if I were in their shoes, how would I want to be treated?”

As The Dalai Lama states above, when we practice compassion we become a happier person and we all want to be happy and can be by practicing compassion.  It is an unbroken figure eight loop, “to make others happy practice compassion, to be happy practice compassion.”

The link below has a few wonderfully simple ways that you can increase your compassion, which in turn will increase your happiness!

Tiny Buddha Blog – 6 Ways To Deepen Your Compassion

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