Mastering Leadership

“The Lone Ranger would have died without Tonto.” 

Leaders do not become leaders by themselves, yet so often we point out the leader failing to recognize the people who are the support team.  Those that make the difference so that the “leader” can do what is necessary to do their part in the project, the plan, or move the vision forward.

Great leaders never take the credit they will always give credit to those who come along side them.  They do this because they are there to serve not be served.  Their mission is to give, train, grow and uplift those around them.

Michael Strasner has a new Mastering Leadership book that will be released this month.  The interview with Lewis Howes was excellent and I recommend if you have the time watch it or listen to the podcast.  I have bookshelves full of leadership books and after hearing this interview I know that there will be another one to add.

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