Learn Anything New Lately?

When was the last time that you devoted time to learning something new?  Maybe it was a skill or possibly knowledge to understand something better.

I realized several years ago that I never wanted to quit learning.  I understand as long as I am alive there will be things I do not know or do not know how to do but if I take the time and effort to learn I will continue to grow as a person. 

I know that I am probably not telling you anything new, but… When was the last time you really put forth effort to learn something new?

Recently, I took an online course to gain further skills for my professional growth.  For some reason I thought since I was very interested in the topic and already “thought” I knew a lot about the topic that the course would be easy.  That certainly was not the case and there were actual times when my “brain” ached from reading and doing homework.

Even though it was a tough course that took more time than I expected I cannot tell you how rewarding it was to finish and pass the final exam.  I kept telling myself, “Wow, your brain still works and you actually are learning a lot of new information.” This experience has been a great one and has made me want to continue educational courses for my personal and professional life.

“There are so many neuroscience studies of the brain now that show every time you learn something new or gain a new skill, you are strengthening your brain because the performance of the synapse – the areas between neurons where information is transferred – gets fired up”

Attached is a great article on what happens in our brain when we learn something new.  If you have time take a read, I am sure it will encourage you to continue learning new skills and obtaining knowledge as our brains do continue to grow if we continue to feed them.

What Happens When You Learn Something New

The Virtual Practice Management Institute

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