Employees Grow One Conversation At A Time


We have three new employees at our practice (all under six months of hire date), which has caused me to do a lot of reflexing on our onboarding and training process.

One thing that has surfaced to the top is how much time it takes with communication in order for each one of them to understand clearly what their job tasks are and why they need to be done.  If people just know how to do the task but not why or what and who it affects if it is not done or not done correctly, then the tasks are just assembly line tasks.

This may be okay if you are working on an assembly line but we are working with patients, doctors and other medical professionals so it is very important for staff to understand their job tasks to the full extent and this cannot happen without verbal and visual instruction.

One big problem with achieving successful training is there is usually not enough time given to complete it.  Training is ongoing for the most part in a medical practice because we are working with patients and situations that change all of the time.

I have found in my experience of managing a medical practice for over two decades it that it takes about a year before an employee really feels like they have “mastered” their position for the most part.  That is a lot of time invested on both the manager and the employees’ part in continued training.  If this time is not allowed it usually ends in an unhappy work relationship with the employee departing.

If you want to grow successful employees you must invest in time, training and conversation, lots of conversation, as what you say will have great influence on how they feel about their job tasks and all of the encounters and situations that arise on a daily basis.

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.
~Napoleon Hill

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2 thoughts on “Employees Grow One Conversation At A Time

    • Hello Jamie

      You are absolutely correct that most managers or business owners do not realize all of the time it takes to invest in staff and then they wonder why they are not able to perform their job tasks as expected.
      Take care



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