Creating Value In Employees

All employers want great employees. Yet it seems that a lot of the employers I speak to their number one issue is employee problems.

What I find interesting is that I rarely hear employers talk about how great their employees are and it makes me wonder if the employees know what value they have in their workplace?

Employers want employees that see the big picture of what the company does and what their job purpose is. I wonder if their employees have ever been told what part they play in the overall function and success of the business and how they can add value to their coworkers and customers?

The expectations that employers have for their employees need go hand-in-hand with one-on-one training and education of what the business’ purpose is and what the employee’s purpose is. There must be sufficient training time given so the employee can master the tasks and responsibilities that are expected of them to be successful.

Another important key factor in creating employees that have value is that they need to be given the knowledge on how other positions in the workplace function and how all of the positions work together for the overall function, purpose and success of the business.

I sure you agree that it would be very difficult to work in a factory and it was your job to make one part, but you had no idea what the part did or how it connected to other parts that were made in the factory or what the finished product was. How would you feel about what you did all day?

Once people understand what they are to do, how they are to do it, what others do and why they do it, only then can they really understand the big picture of how the business works and what the desired expected outcome is to be.

When a business owner or the management staff take the time to invest in employees educating and training them on all aspects of the business they are showing them that they value them, that they are worth investing their time in so the employee can grow and become a vital part of the business.

Employees want to know that they are valued and it is important that continued investments in employee training happen. Along with the training the employees need to be told how they add value to the business, the business owner, their coworkers and customers.

If this investment is continually done it will create employees that are engaged with the business and engaged employees add value because they know and feel that they are valued.

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