As They Say… One Step At A Time Makes The Difference!

So often we set health goals for ourselves and then fail to keep them.  Why does this happen?  Most of the time it is because we set unrealistic expectations for what we can do, want to do, and have time to do.

If we just would take the time to look at things in a longer term goal and not be so hard on ourselves (unless it is life threatening) we can achieve what we really want for our health.

Did you know just by adding approximately 500 steps a day walking is about 1/4 of a mile?  What if you added an extra 500 steps each day for seven days?  Then possibly 2-3 weeks later added an additional 500 steps a day? Over a period of several months you would be walking a few miles a day without much effort.

Think of ideas like parking at the back of lot when going to the grocery store and then when you are in the store walk up and down a few of the isles that you don’t need to visit…yet you do for the extra steps.

There are many things we can do to add extra steps that are small but over the long term become BIG!

During the day just think how can I take a few extra steps?

It will make a difference if you keep it up, I promise

Take care and enjoy your Wednesday!


Adding Extra Steps A Day for Fitness

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