Growth Takes Place In Small Steps

I think most of us want to continue to grow in our personal and work life. There is much to be said for stretching your mind and learning new things. Growth takes risk, stretching our normal boundaries, and sometimes it can cause feelings of fear, stress and anxiety.

Is the risk of these difficult feelings worth the benefits of the growth it may bring us? I am of the belief that it is.

When we step out of our comfort zone and choose to explore the “new” the benefit of learning and growth of knowledge can take us to new experiences we never knew existed.

Below are a few other of the benefits of choosing growth over comfort of where you are now.

  • When we choose a growth mindset, we begin to break free of our normalcy.  We become more productive able to deal with new things easier and find that it is also easier to push our boundaries and be creative.
  • We will begin to do things differently, without hesitation.
  • Our choice to slow down and take more time to think and observe what is going on around us and choices that present themselves will become more evident.
  • We will begin to trust ourselves to make quicker decisions, because we will be more confident in our thinking.

There are many more benefits that we can experience by stretching our boundaries and stepping into the growth mindset arena.

Remember you do not have to jump in head first when trying to grow, it can be done one baby-step at a time.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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