The Mindset of A Manager

Last week I posted about our personal growth mindset and how developing it is done in small steps.  Today, I want to address the managers mindset and how they can make a huge difference in how their employees not only perform, but enjoy their job.

Often when managers hire employees they are looking for the person with the best skills or experience, which is not a bad thing, but they fail to find out if the best candidate is open to a growth mindset or not.  Many times it is because the manager themself has a fixed mindset and feels that they are hiring people just to do a job and nothing more.  That employees are dispensable if they don’t work out.

According to Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., author of “Mindset” The New Psychology of Success “Managers with a growth mindset think it is nice to have skilled and talented employees but that is just the starting point.  These managers are more committed to their employees’ development, and to their own.  They give a great deal more developmental coaching, they notice improvement in employees’ performance, and they welcome critiques from their employees.”

When this type of investment in made in employees by their manager they grow and they also become more invested in the company that they work for.  They know that they are cared about and their input matters to their manager.

It is important to note from above, that growth mindset managers are committed to their own growth, without it, they will just be another manager who struggles with the day-to-day tasks of doing “a job” not thriving in a career that they are passionate about.  One that is about investing in employees growth and creating an amazing work environment for all of them to work in each day.

Which type of managers would you want to work with?  Which type of manager are you?



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