Developing A Workplace Vision

Today, on my coaching call with members of the Virtual Practice Management Institute I talked about workplace/business visions.  The main point I was making is if the employees do not know the vision/mission of the business how can employers expect them to buy in and become engaged with the business?

First and foremost he business owner needs to share their vision/mission and goals for their business to give the employees a starting point to begin the process of developing a global vision for each member of the team.

Once this is done there are five questions that need to be asked and answered that will help get the team to get going:

  1. Who are we?
  2. How do we impact our community?
  3. Why are we here? (In the office/business)
  4. What is it that we do?
  5. Where are we going?

As the team discusses these questions the vision/mission becomes clearer not only for the business itself but for each individual who works in the business as they are all “the gears” working together to make the business run.

The company’s vision needs to be compelling, one that all employees can catch on to and are willing to work for.  Everyone on the team needs to be able to see the strengths, convictions and purpose of the vision.  Visions that get people excited enough to work for and be passionate about are the ones that have these three ingredients; (1). Integrity, (2). Values, (3). Passion.

These are things that come from within and are the ingredients that fuel the fire to make the vision happen.  As one of the wisest men to ever live, “King Solomon” of ancient Israel said, “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.”  Visions are what bond teams together.

Have a great Thursday everyone!



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