A One Minute Mindset Shift

With such busy lives we live it shouldn’t surprise us when our attitudes shift slightly to the “dark side” when there is a disagreement or misunderstanding at work.  For some people it is easier to recover from these moments and others not so easy.

The problem is when we cannot recover quickly our priorities, focus and productivity go down or possibly even stop.  I had someone share with me several years ago what he called, “A One Minute Mindset Shift” and I have tried to use it as much as possible over the years and I know it has saved me from many unproductive hours and grief.

It takes a little time to be able to get into the “feel” of this exercise but it you practice it like a “One Minute Breathing Exercise” several times a day it will be easier to do when you really need it.

Step 1: Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual. Let your shoulders roll forward if comfortable and drop your chin down toward your chest.  Inhale for the count of four and then exhale at the count of four.

Step 2: Try and find a happy thought some experience that has given your joy, happiness, peace.  Possibly a special place you love to visit or a person or pet that is close to your heart. Try and recreate and feel a wonderful time.  Focus on peace and calmness.

It is also a good reminder that most people issues are over minor things, it is just the people who make it more than it should be.  Learn to take a minute to make the mindset shift you will be happy that you did.

Happy Wednesday to you all!



2 thoughts on “A One Minute Mindset Shift

  1. I had a manager who was mentoring me and he once showed me a drawer in his desk full of broken pencils after asking him how he kept his temper in check. He matter of factly explained how he’d come to his office after an incident, pick up a brand new #2 pencil and snap it in half and then toss the halves in the drawer and go back to work as if nothing happened. I tried it, but it was not satisfying and troubling at the same time. I found walking or meditating worked much better for me as it cooled me down but also allowed me to envision solutions. Since we are all different, which is fabulous, a one-minute mindset may work for you but if it doesn’t don’t give up, just keep trying to find the right mix that suits you. Happy Thanksgiving!


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