A Workman Is Worthy Of Their Wages

Being a Sunday School teacher in the way past of my life, I was reminded yesterday of a scripture we use to talk about with our pre-teen class, when one of my young staff members decided it was okay to pull their cell phone out and then work the afternoon at a snail’s pace.

“A workman is worthy of his wages.”

Sometimes employees will adopt the mindset, that if they are at work then they deserve the pay whether the work gets done or not.  Employers or their managers need to have a periodic conversation reminding everyone at work that there is not a money tree outside the back door.  Everyone is there to do a job that will allow for the business to keeps its doors open to serve their customers.

When I have this conversation with our employees, I ask them, “if you were to hire someone to paint your house and they only painted 80% of it would you pay them 100% of their bill?  They always reply quickly “No way. “Then I ask them, “If you only work 80% of the day doing the tasks you are hired to do, should the business owner pay you 100% of your paycheck?”  They usually do not have an answer, they sit quietly.

If we are hired to do a job, then we must commit to doing it.  If we do not fulfill our commitment, then what does that say about the type of employee we are?  I think this is a good thing to review for ourselves on days we are not feeling like putting in that 100% at work.  Hopefully, it will help us to have a mind-shift to get back to doing the work we were hired to do and to be an example for those we work with.

Happy Wednesday!



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