How Is Your Medical Practice Working?

As many of you know I have been a Practice Management Consultant for many years.  I also work with my partners Rem Jackson and Dr. Peter Wishnie at Top Practices.  One of the biggest struggles we come across when working with our doctors is them having the time to come up with solutions to many of the problems they encounter in their Medical Practices.   If you have search our site you know that we have many services and products that we offer to help physicians and their staff to take their practices to the next level of excellence.

Rem Jackson has been using Masterminds for years to help our members and this year we are doing our first of many small physician mastermind meetings to work with them and their peers to come up with solutions to resolve some of their top issues.  This meeting will be taking place in Las Vegas NV on April 17th and 18th.  The spaces are limited to keep the the mastermind functional and successful for all who attend.  Click the link below for further information and to register.

Since 2007, hundreds of doctors and their teams have joined the Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group and transformed their practices into the profitable, efficient, and enjoyable practice they desire. Through effective marketing, these podiatry professionals have been able to fill their reception rooms with exactly the kinds of patients they want to see. More than that, they have reclaimed their nights and weekends. They no longer live like they work for their practice. Instead their practice now works for them, allowing them to better serve their patients, lead their staff, and care for their families.

Everyone has challenges that are holding them back. Everyone. Everyone has a vision of what they want their practice, their career, and their lives to look like.

Very few of us are achieving that vision and overcoming the challenges we face. Very Few. In fact, the great Napoleon Hill estimated that to be only 2% of us. Patients always come first and there is no time left for physicians and their staff to even begin to take on projects to make the practice run more efficiently and profitably. You make to-do lists but never get to them and even when you do start a project to improve, you or your staff rarely finish and implement it.

Your practice vision might be to scale your practice to the million-dollar mark and beyond. Or your vision might involve scaling your million-dollar practice to 5 million and beyond.

You might be looking for prosperity and a balance in your life and work, and the ability to run your practice without pulling your hair out every night.

You might be searching for the keys to working much more effectively and happily with your spouse or significant other.

Wherever you are in your practice, the tools, the strategies, and the mindset that will take you there are very, very similar

Physician Practice Business Solution

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