Leading The Team In Interesting Times

I work in a private practice medical office and over the past 5-6- weeks things have changed a lot.

I am sure you probably are experiencing changes also with your business or place of employment. Many people are either furloughed, laid off, or working reduced hours.  Businesses are closed and are now trying to figure out how and when they will possibly reopen.  Along with that they are wondering what they can expect.

I have the opportunity not only to manage our practice, but I coach and consult with physicians and their staff across the country.  I can tell you that everyone is experiencing “change” in how and what they have normally done and trying to figure out what the “new norm” is and will be in the future.

There is one thing that we all can do during this time to keep our work team headed in the same direction, “whatever that may be” and that one thing is to communicate with each other.  Whether you are currently working or are at home, communication with those on your team is necessary for you to keep in the loop and not feel distanced at this time.

If you are a business owner or a manager/team leader make sure you communicate with the team even if it is just a check in while they are at home to see how they are and to let them know any updates that you know about work.

With today’s technology we can meet online and see each other which is great!  Make sure you let everyone on the team know that their questions are welcomed and if they have any ideas on how to do business as you begin to reopen or see more customers/clients/patients safer that they should write them down so they can be considered.

We will get through all of this, but we can get through it much better if we stick together.  Keep the lines of communication open and also take time together to talk about how you can make the “new norm” amazing.

Now is the time to think, speak and act in a positive way to lead your team to the new future.

Take care and stay safe,

Happy Monday


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