Prosperity & Something Greater

My good friend and partner in The Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute is Rem Jackson.  Rem is the CEO of Top Practices which is a Marketing and Management Company that helps medical practices reach their full potential of growth and revenue, while teaching the physicians how to get their nights and weekends back.

Recently, Rem started a Podcast called Prosperity & Something Greater which I had the pleasure of being a guest this past week.  Prosperity is an interesting topic to discuss as it can be very different for each person depending on values, goals and beliefs.

All of the episodes that Rem has done so far have been uplifting and thoughtful, really good insights to keep you seeking for a positive direction in your own life.

If you are like most of us you are hearing a lot of negative output going on in our world right now, so you need to keep filling yourself up with positive insights and outlooks.  Rem’s podcasts will do just that.

Take care and take a listen


Below is a link to my interview with Rem:

Prosperity & Something Greater

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