Bring The Joy

I am one-hundred percent an advocate for happiness at work; I try to promote it each day when I am there. If I had to work in a place or for people where there was oppression and apathy I would not be able to do it.  It is about mindset and choice and we can choose both.

Finding a job where it is totally nirvana is probably not going to happen, but you can bring happiness and sunshine with you each day you go to work.  One of my favorite “Thought Leaders,” is Brendon Burchard.   Brendon always says, “Bring the Joy” wherever you go.  He states that whenever he walks through a doorway, he thinks to himself, “bring the joy.”  What a great way to make an entrance and to allow those you encounter to have a better experience with you.

As a manager or business owner you may not realized how much of an impression or effect you have on the daily outcome of those you work with.  If you are bringing the “Joy” whenever you are around them (even when things don’t go just right, it makes a difference that you handle it right) they are bound to have a happier and more productive day.

HPXLife With Brendon Burchard

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