Creating A Circle Of Safety At Work

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, we have been covering the topic of “building Trust” with our work team in a private group I coach through Top Practices Practice Management.  One of the topics we discussed this week was the importance of creating a circle of safety at work with our team.

You cannot truly have a successful work team if there is a lack of trust between members.  Part of building trust within the team is having a bond that information shared is safe amongst the members of the team. People on the team needed to know that they are valued, cared for, belong, have a purpose and feel secure.  This can only begin from the top and work down through the team.

Talk together about what trust means to each of them and how they think it can be built stronger within the team.

How does a business owner and their management team do this?  Here are a few ways;

  1. Open up yourselves, let them know who you are, and I do not mean telling personal details.  Make sure that you let the team know that you are one of them and no different, you just hold a different position like each of them do.
  2. Lead by example, if you make a mistake let it be known and also how you had to fix it.  Let them know that when they make mistakes they will not be punished; it will be a learning experience for everyone.  Arrive early and be there to greet your team members as they arrive.  They are watching you and will follow if you treat them with kindness and respect.
  3. Treat your staff like they are key parts of the organization, because they are.  Where would you be without them?  Let them know how valuable they are and what they do that makes the organization successful.

People will respond when treated with respect and shown that they are valued.  Take the time to get to know each other personally, taking some time to share life experiences with one another.  As the employer or manager tell them how you came to do what you do in the organization and what your favorite hobbies and dreams are.  Doing things like this shows we are all just humans trying to work together, not one of us is better than another, we are just different working for the same purpose when we are together.

Top Practices Tina Del Buono


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