Let’s Review Some Basic Life Lessons

In light of the difficultly our country (USA) has been going through with Covid-19 and a major election that has caused unrest and anger amongst, “we the people” I thought I would be a good time to share some truths we have “ALL” learned when we were growing up in hopes that they will be a reminder on how we need to treat each other no matter what our beliefs may be and learn to work and live together peacefully.

Below are a few rules that I am sure you will remember.  We were taught these foundational rules in kindergarten so that we would be prepared to get along with our classmates as we moved on to the upper grades and then out into the world.

What is amazing is so often when people grow up and head out in the adult world, they have forgotten the life rules and skills that were taught to them when they were young so that they could become responsible, caring, people in society. 

1. It is not all about you.  Focus on others around you and how you can be a kind co-worker, neighbor or stranger to anyone you meet. Put the needs of others before your own and look for ways to help and support them.

2. Share.  Share and care with those you come in contact with.  Share, lunch, dinner or your cookies. Try to build caring, trusting relationships with others.  We really do need one another, life is so much better with others in it.

3. Do not start fights.  I am sure we all know someone who is adversarial over everything.  You can walk away from people like this in a respectful way.  Think; “I will be nice; it costs me nothing and my life and attitude will be better for it.”

4. Be a good friend.  We all need friends.  Not that we need to make everyone our best friend, but we need to be friendly and caring.  We are all humans just trying to live together in a difficult time.  Make it better for each other.

These are just four foundational building blocks that we were taught when we were in kindergarten and if you take just a minute or two I am sure you can come up with several others that you were taught so that you would become a caring human being as you grew up and became an active member of society.

It doesn’t matter what you say you believe – it only matters what you do.”

     ~Robert Fulghum, Author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten


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