Coaching Your Team

If you’re called to lead, coach, manage or supervise, these simple rules will help you be the kind of leader your staff will respect and respond to:

  1. Great coaches rally the whole team together. Coaches don’t rally only a few members of the team; they rally them all.
  2. Great coaches believe all team members are equal, even though their jobs are different. Don’t play favorites or create superstars, as you will be creating your own problems.
  3. Great coaches realize that mistakes reveal lessons to be learned whether the team member or the coach makes the mistake.
  4. Great coaches ask team members questions and allow them to form their own answers and actions.

When a great coach is leading the team, each person will be able to say that they feel valued. This is something that you must strive for to be successful in serving your team. If the people you work with say that they’re valued by you, then you are valuable to them.

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