Mind Like Water

Most people want to maximize their potential in order to be successful at whatever they are trying to accomplish at work or in their personal life.

Far to often we allow “things” that come up unexpectedly to throw us off track. It is important to understand that when we allow these “things” to either cause us to overreact or underreact we are actually allowing them control our time. What we need to learn to practice is what is called, “Mind like water.” I read about this in David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done” and found it to be very helpful.

“In Karate, there is an image that is used to define the position of perfect readiness: “Mind like water.” Imagine throwing a pebble into a still pond. How does the water respond? The answer is, totally appropriately to the force and mass of the input; then it returns to calm. It doesn’t overreact or underreact.”

When we respond inappropriately to an interruption, an bad email, a coworker’s comment, or our employers requests, it shifts our focus from what we really want it to be on and we will waste time unnecessarily. We also might be wasting time being unnecessarily upset.

I’m not saying that it is easy to always respond appropriately to all things, but if we can remember, “Mind like water” and how a lake responds to the pebble thrown into it, possibly we can act or respond more appropriately at that moment, to that particular situation and move forward with what we want to do quicker.

Happy Monday to you all!


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