Walking The Tightrope

I’m sure you will agree that the past 9 months have been,,, well something that we never thought we would experience.

It appears to me that either people are adapting (as best possible) or they are struggling more with each day that passes. I witness this in the patients we see each day in our medical practice. The other day one of our patients was struggling with paperwork that was required for her medical record. One of the assistants went in to help, because the office was closing for lunch, and the patient got upset and angry with her when she asked if she was finished or had any questions.

When I heard the encounter I step to the door and told the assistant to go ahead and leave for lunch and I would stay. I then made a comment to the patient about how different things are now and that we are trying to keep patients from crossing paths in the office, I kinda chuckled and said that it was really a challenge.

The patient looked up at me and said, “I didn’t realize that it was difficult for you as well. I am having a real hard time with all of this Covid stuff.” We continued our conversation and I told of some comical things that we have encountered at the office while she finished her paperwork and gathered her things. She smiled as she went to leave.

I walked her to the door and told her to have a nice day and to look at the beautiful sky and clouds before she got into her car, as they were just amazing that morning. She thanked me and wished me well.

The important thing to remember as you encounter others is approach them with grace and kindness. Everyone is going through something and we want to add goodness and care to their life, not difficulty and strife.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!




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