Disengaged Management

Often, when I have conversations with people I will ask about their employment and how they like their job.  I usually hear one of two things; “I love my job, or I hate my job.”  There are times when I might hear, “My job is okay, I am glad I have one, but it is just a job.”

In 2017 a Gallup poll showed that 70% of Americans were disengaged with their job.  So that is why you will probably find more people with negative responses about their employment than a positive, and things have not changed much for the positive regarding this, especially since so many people are unemployed during this time of the Pandemic.

This is really a terrible thing, as people need to work to support themselves and their families, yet if they have a job, they most likely hate going to work each day.  Frankly, I cannot imagine what this might be like, but I am sure there are some of you that do.

What is sad is many times the person who hates their job is the manager, or possibly the business owner.  How can you possibly expect employees to be happy, engaged and loving their job if the ones in charge do not?  It is impossible and will not happen.

Employees keep leaving, the workplace environment is miserable, who would want to work there?  I have known small business owners that love what they do and the people who work for them, but their management staff do not like what they do and are allowed to stay and create a poor work environment for everyone. They blame others for the problems that they are responsible for creating and employees either leave or lose their job because the manager is unhappy and disengaged.

What is sad is there is something that can be done to change a bad workplace to a great workplace.  Employers, managers, and employees would need to discuss honestly what it would take to make their workplace one that everyone enjoys coming to each day and then set up a plan to make it happen. This might take having those that truly do not like their job to leave or nothing will change.

I Googled the top five reasons people hate and love their job and listed them below.

Top Five Reasons People Hate Their Job:

  1. Bad boss or manager
  2. Dead end job, no room to move up and the employee becomes bored.
  3. The job is too demanding and interferes with the employee’s person life.  They are overworked and undervalued.
  4. Poor, stressful, and unhealthy work environment.
  5. Under paid.

Top Five Reasons People Love Their Job:

  1. Great boss, manager, or coworkers.  They are like-minded people and feel like family.
  2. They have autonomy and flexibility in their job, and they have responsibilities that matter to them.
  3. Great work culture/environment from the boss down.  The workplace is functional, fun, and fresh each day.
  4. There is variety in their job.  They get to learn new skills, become cross-trained and know they have more value to the company because of this.
  5. Their job is challenging, and it stretches their abilities in an exciting way.  They can give input and are listened to by upper management.

As you can see from the list of why people love their jobs, the reasons are very obtainable if the employer, manager, and employees worked on making the necessary changes to make it a better place for all.  And most of all they like their jobs and want to be there. 

What is mind-boggling is that so many don’t and yet they stay. Like my Italian Grandfather use to say, “life is short.” This is true, so why stay in a job that truly makes you unhappy? Because when you do, you make others unhappy with their job that they like.



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