What’s Up With My Employees?

When working with business owners I will often get asked the question, “What’s up with my employees?” Usually after talking with them or management staff person I will find out the problem is that the employees are not engaged with their job or the business as the owner would expect.

Business owners know that the more their employees are engaged at work, the better the business will do overall. It takes effort, time and relationship building for employees to want to become engaged, it will not happen otherwise.

So, if you are finding yourself asking this questions about your employees, my question is this, “Are you feeling the same level of engagement as you are expecting your employees to?”

If you are not engaged yourself, you cannot inspire your employees to become engaged. You just cannot give what you yourself do not have.

Ask yourself a couple of the questions below to see where you might need some improvement and if you could be contributing to your employee’s disengagement.

  1. I’m I excited about the vision for my business and share this with my manager and employees?
  2. Do my employees know how much they are appreciated by me?
  3. Do my employees know what an important role they play in the success of the business?
  4. Can I provide better training for my employees?
  5. Do I need coaching on how to be a better business owner and leader?

It is never too late to make changes for the better in your business. If you want your employees to be excited and enjoy their work, make sure that you, the business owner and your management staff are leading the way and are examples for them to follow.

Happy Monday to you all!

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