Thank you! (Is it that hard?)

I was talking with a colleague about employees and how to inspire them to do their best. One of the suggestions I had was to let their staff know how much they are appreciated and to tell them thank you each day for their contribution to the success of their business.

I was a bit surprised at the response I got, “Why should I have to thank the staff each day when they are hired and paid to do a job?” Wow! I certainly did not expect that answer. While, yes it is true that employees are paid to do a job, it also is important how they do that job.

They may answer the phone when it rings right on time, but how is it answered? Does the person on the other end hear a happy, inviting voice, or just a voice of someone who has to answer the phone as part of their job duties they are paid to do?

There is a big difference in how clients/customers feel when employees show they have called or come to the right place. A place that is happy to do business with them and take care of their needs, with a smile!

Today, with the lack of employees to hire in certain fields, it is more important than ever to let your staff know how much they are appreciated and that you are thankful that they are there each day to help you serve your customers and community.

Let’s face it, no one wants to work where they are not appreciated or thanked even though they receive a paycheck, at least not for long.

Employees are an employers most expensive asset and the loss of one and the cost of rehiring a staff member is thousands of dollars. With that said, “What is the cost of being kind and letting your staff know daily that you are thankful for their contribution to your business?” Nothing, it costs nothing to tell them you are thankful for them each day.

You weigh the costs….continually hiring new staff or creating long-term staff and good relationships by showing them they are appreciated?

Happy Monday!


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