The “People Problems” Conversation

One thing you can be sure of is if you work with people, you will encounter people problems.  Things at work can be going great and then, someone gets upset.  Possibly miscommunication has happened (as this is the most common issue).  Maybe someone had a bad morning and brought it into the office with them.  Whatever the situation is, it needs to be handled or things can progressively get worse.

If you are the business owner or manager, it is important that you get to know those that you work with as individuals.  This does take time, but mostly it takes the willingness to have open communication with them.  If you have taken the time to talk with those at work about “People Problems” why they happen and the best way to address them, then it will not be as hard when you need to do it.

If Sue shows up for work in a bad mood because she had to fight her daughter to get dressed and was late getting her to school and then doesn’t feel like saying “Hello” to her coworkers, and they interpreted this as she is mad at them things can go awry.

On the other hand, if Sue comes in upset and snubs her coworkers and the “People Problems” conversation has happened with everyone, her coworkers would be opened to asking her what is wrong and since Sue knows they have not done anything she can either tell them what happened or let them know that she just had a bad morning.  Everyone can go about their tasks knowing that Sue has just had a bad morning and not have it go any further.

What it comes down to is being a good manager/business owner you need to draw on your knowledge of knowing your people.  Who are they? What do they like? What are their strengths?  Where do they struggle? What are their personal goals?  Connection with each team member is the key to success when it comes to working through people problems. 

Remember, we are just humans trying to work together the best that we can, the more we understand each other the better we can do this.

Happy Wednesday!


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