How Are You Doing At Work?

The desire to be a great employee begins and ends with you.  Only you can make the decision every day to make the effort to be the best at what you do even when you are just starting out in a new position.

Many people today in the workforce believe that it is the employers job to make them happy and if they are happy they will do good work. Employers need to provide a safe work environment, but if you take a position with that employer it is up to you to do good work and become a great employee.

There are several attributes that make up a great employee, today I will talk about one of them.

1. Ethical Standards:  Be a person who holds firm to the belief and practices of “The Golden Rule.”  You cannot go wrong if this is your ethical foundation.  Integrity and accountability speak louder than any words.  Make your “yes” mean “yes” and your “no” mean “no.”  Always speak the truth.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”

Trust takes time to build with your employer, but once it is established, do everything to protect it.  Broken trust is hard to repair, if it can be at all.

An employee that has professional, ethical standards is highly valued in the workplace.  They are also becoming a rare find.  Be a treasure for your employer.

If you are collecting a paycheck from your employer for the hours you work ask yourself this question, “Did I do my best work for the hours I am being paid?”

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