Taking Notes for Better Learning At Work

Whether you are a new employee or a seasoned one, the ability to focus and paying attention is key to becoming a great employee.

If you are learning something new or at an office meeting if you are asked to take notes or not, you should take notes. Unless you have a photographic memory, your notes will come in handy at some point.  An employer sees not paying attention or focusing on what is happening at the moment as a lack of initiative by the employee when it comes to their job education.

Employers frown upon employees who think it is okay to interrupt them or their fellow coworkers asking questions about something that was taught or discussed at a meeting when they should have written down the instructions or information for in the first place.

You will be surprised how your employer will notice when you do pay attention to what is being taught and what is going on in the business.

Great employees always have notebooks for their personal notetaking from day one.  It is impossible for anyone to remember everything when they are learning a new job or job task.

By taking their own notes, they know they will be able to refer back to them if they forget or need direction in completing an already taught task and will not take up someone else’s time asking for help.

This also will give them more time to focus on their job tasks or new things that are taught. If you are an employer make sure you give your employees a small notebook to take notes down on and refer back to this will help them focus on learning.


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