Growing As A Leader

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at The Western Foot and Ankle Conference held at the Disneyland Hotel. This is a conference I have attended and spoke at every year for the past 20 years and I do believe that Disneyland is one of the happiest places on earth. Even with the current situation with Covid there were so many smiling faces seen on children and their parents.

It is always so much fun to watch the children and how excited they are to be at Disneyland. You cannot help but be happy seeing the smiles on their face and the amazement in their eyes when they catch a glimpse of Mickey or Goofy wandering about the grounds.

Walt Disney did leave the legacy that he had dreamed of. His leadership abilities have journeyed through time from eternity to keep his dream alive.

He spoke his vision so clearly that those who are now in charge, almost 56 years after his passing, know what it is that he would have wanted to do. Just thinking about that is so amazing.

One of my lectures at this conference is on the topic of Leadership and self-examination and being in the Director’s chair.  As a leader we need to continue to grow and learn so we may better serve those who are entrusted to us.

As I was preparing I came across a few great questions and thoughts that leaders should ask themselves. These are meant to be used to improve our leadership skills.

As you read these think how as a leader you would reply.

  • When it comes to performance and productivity do you allow personal feelings to get in the way of moving forward?
  • Team players are to uphold the rules and play the game hard. Great team players are responsible to keep their own morale up so the team can accomplish its goals.
  • It is okay to make exceptions to your rules and expectations because it is easier sometimes than being the enforcer all of the time.
  • Teams perform best when individuals keep doing the same tasks and perfecting them, instead of learning new skills and challenging themselves.

Not all leaders are created equal. Becoming a leader that people will want to follow and work beside day-in and day-out takes time to cultivate and mature. Continuing education is the key to keep growing as a leader.

If I can help you with this specific topic let me know! 🙂

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