Posted by Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC

Some People Do Not Like Help

Some People Do Not Like Help

Earlier this week we had a patient come into the office using a walker. She was slow moving, but she sure was assertive when she spoke. You could tell she had difficult walking as she was elderly and had some obvious mobility issues. What struck me was that she had a hand-written note on her … Continue reading

Achieve Your Goals By Not Telling Anyone

Telling someone your goals make it less likely to happen. When telling people your goals you get a sense of satisfaction that tricks your brain with a reward of good feelings, making you less likely to do the work to make it happen. This has been established by multiple studies. “It may seem unnatural to keep your … Continue reading

Every Word Counts: First Encounters

by: Jesus C. Vazquez Running a practice in the current, ever-changing, model of practicing medicine can be a challenging endeavor, not only for the physician, but also for the entire staff. Often times, the majority of the time  patients spend is in encounters with the office staff. This can be a challenging task, due to … Continue reading