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Communication Breakdown At Work

Sometimes I am literally shocked at how communication between coworkers can breakdown and become total misunderstandings.  Today at work we needed a certain piece of equipment for a patient and we did not have one in our storage room.  When I asked why we did not have any in stock, the person in charge of … Continue reading

Keeping Communication Clear in the Workplace

  Clear communication in the workplace almost sounds like an oxymoron since it sounds logical and easy, but really is not and doesn’t happen.  If you think about how many actual relationships there are in your workplace the thought of having anything being communicated clearly to everyone is quite a feat.  In our office there … Continue reading

Teamwork in Connecting With Your Patients

As busy as a physician’s schedule may be their patients expect that they make a real connection with them when they have an appointment.  This is very understandable and reasonable, but often times does not happen. If we just take a moment and think what it must be like for the physician who sees between … Continue reading