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Cross Training for Function not Dysfunction

Cross Training for Function not Dysfunction

No one staff member should ever be indispensable to a practice. All staff members should beequally trained in their position and then some. Every staff member should learn certain job tasks and procedures besides their own daily job tasks.Remember, this is why we developed protocols. There is a certain danger in having some tasks onlylearned … Continue reading

Is Your Workplace Dysfunctional?

From gossip to backbiting and inconsistent workloads a dysfunctional workplace can mean nothing but trouble.  Problems for those who work there and those who obtain services there.  When things are on a dysfunctional spiral downward multiple symptoms begin to appear. At first the symptoms may not be easy to pinpoint and Band-Aids are handed out … Continue reading

My Supervisor Drives Me Crazy

“Understanding Different Work Styles With Color” People have different work styles and sometimes these can cause frustration, confusion and stress in the office environment.  For example you may be the type of person when you see that there is a better way of doing something you want to just do it.  Your supervisor on the … Continue reading