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Peak Performance Management

Peak Performance Management

If you have been in a management position at anytime in your employment life, I am sure you will agree that it is a position not for the “faint of heart.” I have managed a medical practice for over 23-years now and the challenges along with the victories have been many. It took me years … Continue reading

Employee Downers…Do You Cause Them?

As a business owner, supervisor or manager you have the opportunity to set the tone each day for your employees/co-workers and they are looking to you to do so.  With more recent surveys showing that employee morale is on a steady downward spiral we need to take a good look at what might be causing … Continue reading

Employee Engagement

Surveys have shown that one key factor to keeping employees long-term is by keeping them engaged in the job that they are performing with the organization. More satisfied employees become engaged, long-term employees.  So employee satisfaction needs to be number  one on the employer/employee list of things to do. Communication with your employees is the … Continue reading