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The Art of Customer/Patient Service

The Art of Customer/Patient Service

While people need and want products or services they are looking for memorable experiences when doing so.  All businesses if they wish to survive and grow must become players of these experiences. The key factor in providing quality service that exceeds our guests’ (or patients in my case as I manage a Medical Practice) expectations … Continue reading

Does Your Job Bring You Pleasure?

Does Your Job Bring You Pleasure?

If you have ever made a major purchase you probably have experienced “pride of ownership.”  It is that great feeling you have after making a purchase like a home, car, computer or anything that you have put a lot of thought and time in making the decision to get it. When I purchased my first … Continue reading

Business Opportunities and Standards

Business Opportunities and Standards

  I am visiting my Aunt this week on the east coast and had the opportunity today to get my hair done by a local salon that was owned by a man I will call Danny.  I always enjoy going to different places of business so that I can experience how they conduct business and … Continue reading

Keeping It Simple At Work

 Southwest Airlines recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary of being in business,  If you have never read about their history it is very interesting, the foundation of the company is built on integrity and values. In their anniversary issue of “Spirit” magazine they have an article titled “40 Lessons Learned From Southwest” it covers multiple areas … Continue reading

Seeing The Bigger Picture At Work

It happens everyday in offices all over the world, people come to work to complete the tasks that they were hired to do.  they are doing what they have been hired to do, but something is missing.  They have developed tunnel vision with what it is that they are doing. Possibly they do not understand … Continue reading

No Compromising Standards Here

I have always taken the approach with our patients that I treat them like they are a guest in my home when they come to the office, or the way I would treat a relative or good friend.  I hold to the standard that people deserve to be treated with respect and kindness no matter … Continue reading

The Privilege Of Investing In Others

We had the wonderful opportunity today to have a senior high student come and shadow us at our office.  There is no greater thrill than being able to invest time in sharing about managing a business and encouraging a young person who will be headed off to college to seek the job that the will … Continue reading

Do You See What Your Customers See?

Have you ever given a thought of what it would be like to be a customer or patient coming into your place of business to either purchase something or receive a service? How do you know what your customers are experiencing if you never have put yourself in their shoes?  Smart Practice Management solutions would … Continue reading