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Leading The Team In Interesting Times

Leading The Team In Interesting Times

I work in a private practice medical office and over the past 5-6- weeks things have changed a lot. I am sure you probably are experiencing changes also with your business or place of employment. Many people are either furloughed, laid off, or working reduced hours.  Businesses are closed and are now trying to figure … Continue reading

Teamwork in Connecting With Your Patients

As busy as a physician’s schedule may be their patients expect that they make a real connection with them when they have an appointment.  This is very understandable and reasonable, but often times does not happen. If we just take a moment and think what it must be like for the physician who sees between … Continue reading

5 Great Ways to Give Employee Recognition

Many employers think that employee recognition involves spending money, when actually the best recognition you can give them is free.  Start with saying good morning to each of your employees and not just a "morning", but a "good morning Cindy how are you doing this morning?"  Then take the time to listen to Cindy’s response … Continue reading