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Acting On Hearsay

Acting On Hearsay

Recently I have had a few different encounters where someone has given me information about another person, organization or business that was negative.  Not that at times we should not warn another about a bad experience or outcome that we have had, but with my encounters they wanted me to actually take some action on … Continue reading

If You Quit You Surely Won’t Get There

Whether you want to accomplish something in your personal or professional life, you will always hit road blocks along the way.  Many times when we hit these walls it makes us think that possibly we are not supposed to head in the direction that we are pursuing.  Although that maybe be true, more times that not, … Continue reading

How Do Rude People Keep Their Job?

I am always so shocked when I encounter a person in a place of business that is rude.  Today I got a phone call from a supervisor of a claim representative that we have been trying to work for over a year on a workman’s compensation claim.  The reason for the call was because I … Continue reading

Need A Shot In The Arm?

Need a booster shot for your patient/customer service attitude?  I was reading the article linked below on tips for working in a doctor’s office as I am always looking for good information to share. What kind of tips can we use to as we provide service to those who come to our offices each day?  … Continue reading

Develop A Smiling Attitude

It never ceases to amaze me that something as simple as a smile can change someone’s day from bad to good or good to great.  Smiles are multifaceted, did you know that smiling is can also help you to deal with stress?  Try it, you just feel good when you smile.  There is so much … Continue reading

This Year I Will…..

“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” ~ George Washington Carver Each New Year thousands of people like you and I make resolutions to better their life, whether it is to get healthier, accomplish a goal or to learn to enjoy life more.  But if you had the … Continue reading

Attitudes; The Battle of the Wolves

In doing research for a new lecture that I am preparing on “Attitudes” I am repeated reminded that it really is up to each of us which attitude we are going to choose each moment of each day.  Many times because we are struggling with personal issues we forget that we still have this choice.  … Continue reading