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A Team Building Idea

A Team Building Idea

Business owners and managers are always trying to come up with new team building strategies.  Their hope is to have events that will cause their team members to grow closer together.  The closer the team members are, the more trust and willingness they will have to work through the hard times together.  If you have … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Cultivating a Team

Be Great…great is contagious.  Ask your team, are we great?  If so, what makes us great?  If not, why not?  Great or not great, how can we improve? These are excellent questions that need to continually be posed to our team on a regular basis so we can continue to improve on the service we … Continue reading

Creating Successful Teams

Recently at an appointment my dentist, whom I know well, was thanking me for referring one of our patients to his practice, which is something I try to do as often as I can.  He and his hygienist then asked me how another employee in our office was doing, as he also is a patient … Continue reading

Goal Setting, Take A Lesson From Ants

I recently read a great article by Brad Isaac on goal setting that compares humans to ants.  I chuckled as I read it remembering how much I hate ants and how persistent they really are.  They really do have it nailed down when it comes to being successful at their goals.  The four lessons that really … Continue reading