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The Benefits Of Cultivating a Team

Be Great…great is contagious.  Ask your team, are we great?  If so, what makes us great?  If not, why not?  Great or not great, how can we improve? These are excellent questions that need to continually be posed to our team on a regular basis so we can continue to improve on the service we … Continue reading

Get Your Derailed Team Back On Track

Do you ever feel your office is like a runaway train, headed downhill with a curve up-ahead, speed is building and you need to do something fast, but don’t whether you can stop it or if you should just jump off before it flies off the tracks and crashes?  We experienced just this very thing … Continue reading

The Domino Effect at Work

 Usually when you think of the domino effect you think of one domino getting knocked down and all of the others falling down in a row after it, which is true, but having a domino effect at work can have a positive effect.  This is done by having all team members performance aligned with what … Continue reading