Christmas Lights, What’s The History?

Here is a little history lesson if you didn’t know where the tradition of decorating houses at Christmas came from… I didn’t

658680_christmas_in_hungary___ The last few nights on my way home from work, I have noticed more and more houses being decorated with Christmas lights.  Some houses are very extravagant and others are very simple.

Nonetheless it seems that it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my town each day as the Holiday approaches.

I couldn’t help but notice that in some neighborhoods it seemed as though there might be a bit of a competition  going on between the neighbors.  The houses were amazingly decorated and as you drove down the street each one seemed to top the one before it.

One house looked like it had every light-up and blow up Christmas yard accessory that was available for purchase on its lawn.  I wondered where they keep all of the items the other 50 weeks of the year.  Not to mention the time it must have taken them to put everything up. (And to take them down).

Then there were those houses that only had a string or two of lights on a tree, bush or around the window.  They may not be as competitive, but they still wanted to show their Holiday spirit off by participating.677991_deck_the_homes_3

Yesterday evening on my way home as I was enjoying all of the decorated houses I began to wonder “how did this all start?”  What is the history of Christmas Lights on Houses?

In this amazing age that we live in I went home and Googled it and found a great article on the history of Christmas lights on houses.  I posted the link below as I am sure if you do not know the history you will enjoy the article.

Christmas lights began in the 17th century in Germany with placing candles on tree branches with wax or pins and then lighting them for just a short time and gazing at the beauty of a lit tree.  I wondered how many trees actually made it through the season without burning down?

Then in the 18th century it was Thomas Edison who was the first to introduce outdoor electric lights at Christmas (does that surprise you?, I didn’t know it).

Over time decorating the outdoors with Christmas lights has become a tradition throughout many countries of the world.  I know here in America it has become a big part of the Holiday tradition.

A favorite part of the season for many is to pack the car with family members and a thermos of hot chocolate and head out to the most decorated neighbors near their home and driving by the lit up homes that looked so magical.

665691_holiday_house_001 I remember taking my kids when they were small and nothing was better than to hear their squeals and laughter as they saw the beautiful houses as we drove by.  Such wonderful memories.

What a wonderful time of the year.  Make sure to take the time from your busy schedule enjoy the beauty of the decorated homes in your neighborhood that your neighbors have given to you as a gift of the season.  Enjoy your weekend!

The History of Christmas Lights on Houses

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