Drinking On The Job


Have you ever noticed that certain co-worker’s moods are not quite so jovial? Check out what they drink during the day.  Proper hydration can play a big part in our mood.

Recent research in France showed habitual high-volume H2O consumption (8-10 glasses a day) led to a better mood and a significant decrease in fatigue and sleepiness. 

I know personally that if I drink too much coffee or tea my patience wears thin during the day at.  I have also noticed the same with coworkers who drink a lot of soda.  The sugar content is enough to put anyone over the top.

What about all of the high-energy drinks and 5-hour shots that are being used? Are people more productive or are they just cranked up?

According to the article linked below, it appears that we all would improve our state of mind by keeping our bodies well hydrated all of the time and especially during our working hours.

If you have a hard time drinking plain water, make ice cubes with different fruit in them, or use a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to liven up your glass.

Keeping your mind awake and your mood up sounds like a great reason to visit the water cooler a little more often.

Benefits of Drinking Water

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