Do You Want Satisfaction?


One of the top ten reasons that people do not reach their goals or achieve their desired results is that they do not have a clear vision of what it will take to do or obtain them.

Not only is a lack of clear vision one of the top reasons, but along with that they lack the ability to focus long enough on the goal at hand to execute the first steps to move toward it.

This past weekend I was at a conference where we had a session on setting goals.  We each were asked to bring certain life goals that we had to share with other attendees.  While this did take some people out of their comfort zones, it also allowed each of us to see either how difficult goal planning was for some or how others planned with such confidence.

I heard several times from attendees that working to achieve goals was difficult because they had so many other things to do.  It was surprising to me that roadblocks for achievement were defined in so many different ways.

What did make me sad was the fact that people will find reasons why they cannot achieve what they really want and they will probably go through their whole life making excuses and living with regret.

They will allow the roadblocks to determine their direction instead of finding the way around or through them to fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness.

In the article Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Achieve Their Goals, author Michael Angier states “Significant success demands passion.  When your why is strong enough, the how will come.  And your desire will sustain you when the challenges and obstacles come your way.”

We need to remember that focus creates power and we can achieve what we desire and be satisfied.

One thought on “Do You Want Satisfaction?

  1. I think the fear of failure pushes people to find excuses not to try – hey it’s not my fault, the circumstances weren’t right. That kind of thing. When instead we decide to commit to a goal and admit that we might fail then there is a certain level of relief.


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