Employee Survival


Do you fully understand your role at work?  Are you getting the support and training you need?

Now you might think this is a dumb question because you know what you were hired to do, but do you know how your role affects the business as a whole?  For example, your job is to be the front office receptionist and your two main duties are to answer the phone and greet people as they come into your office.

This sounds pretty easy, but the impact you have on the business, as a whole is very big.  If you answer the phone in a monotone voice that is short and curt and you sound uninterested to customers, how will they think of your business?  On the other hand, what kind of an impression are you likely to make if you answer the phone with a smile on your face, that they can hear, and a cheery voice that sounds eager to be of service?

What is a client likely to think, if you are at the front desk and your clothing is wrinkled and your hair unkempt? Are these impressions going to be carried over to what they will think of the business as a whole? And what will your boss and co-workers think of you? It is important to remember you are a representative of the company to those the company serves.

Always remember that you are a representative of the company.  Regardless of your position make certain you fully understand what it is that is expected of you and how what you do affects those you work with and those you serve.

Some businesses do not have a good on-boarding program or training for new employees. New hires are left to their own to figure out what they are to do, how to do it and when.

When things begin to go “sour” the employee is the one who gets blamed when in actuality it should be the manager or business owner for not giving the employee the training and tools they need to do their job.

As a manager or business owner it is necessary that you train new hires to be successful. If they are successful at their job the business will be more successful with its customers.

There is nothing worse than being hired for a position and then know that you are failing because you have not received the proper training to do the job to the expectations of the business owner.

Employees that are put in this position go into survival mode, fighting each day to do the best they can and hope that it is enough to keep their job.

As a manager take the time to do the “walk about” a few times a week to make sure that your employees are getting the training and support they need to do the awesome job that is expected. Do not make them hide and fear they will lose their job.  It is your job to make sure they can do their job.





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