Leadership Is An Action


Are you a leader at your work, church or in your community? Do you know how you are doing at leading those who are following you?

There are times when a person is put in a leadership position and then they try to become a leader and find that it is difficult.

Many years ago I was talking with a respected professional about the topic of leadership and asked him, “How do you know who should get the leadership roles in your company?”

He replied, “The people who end up in leadership positions are not appointed to them, they are already doing them and I will just recognize them for it.”  “A title means nothing; it is their actions that speak leadership.”

John Maxwell, author of many leadership books, said, “in order to keep growing as leaders we must assess our leadership skills on a regular basis.”

When was the last time you:

  • Reflected on your own leadership?
  • Have your boss assess your leadership?
  • Sought opportunities to review your leadership skills??
  • Sought feedback from your family on the way you lead?

In order to keep growing as a leader, we must continue to evaluate our skills and keep learning from those who are at, or have been, where we want to go.

“Leadership is an action, not a position.” ~ John Maxwell

The Five Levels Of Leadership





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